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The Digital Home:  Exploring new Possibilities for Integrating Home Electronics

Digital Television Fundamentals for Consumers

Broadband, Broadcast, and Wireless Technologies in the Home

New Television Set Technologies and Smart Shopping Tips

Home Theatre Basic Training:  High Definition Audio

Digital Media Services within the Home

Home Automation, Lighting Control, and Electrical Basic Training




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About Us:  The Consumer School of Integrated Home Electronics

The mission of The Consumer School of Integrated Home Electronics is to provide hardware purchasing information to consumers who feel a little left behind during the transition from conventional analog to digital electronics.  Hardware purchases during the transition will require the consumer to do careful research before the purchase. 


Our mission is to provide the consumer with new knowledge that will be required to make an effective purchase.  Purchases impact the whole family.  Therefore, it is our intent to provide special pricing to families, where possible. 

Community Education Offerings

To reach the consumer in their own communities, many of these classes will be offered in local community education programs.  The facilitator / instructor is Don Hanson (see below).  The level of these sessions is very basic.  The classes are informal with a presentation aimed at the level of those in attendance. 


The main skills to be learned are knowledge about most areas of home electronics and about how to integrate the electronics services available within the digital home.  Electronics manufacturers are coming out with a phenomenal range of new equipment in the next three years, which will transform home electronics as we know it.  All these changes may be overwhelming to many consumers.  Therefore, these courses are a trusted independent source of information to prepare consumers for shopping for home electronics, either in stores or from system integrators. 


The smart consumer is a prepared consumer.  One benefit of offering these courses at the community level is that attendees can meet others facing the same challenges.  Even after the session is over, participants can get together in their local community and talk among themselves, possibly even going shopping together.  Since new equipment will have a transformational effect on the household, It is essential to have the whole family informed.  That being said, every family member's needs are different.  Therefore, to make a wise choice, everyone's needs must be considered. 

Basic Training Instructor

The basic training instructor for the Consumer School classes is Don Hanson.  His education includes a Masters degree in digital and analog electronic design and a Ph D in electromagnetics engineering (wireless electronics design).  His employment background includes teaching electronics and wireless engineering. 

After retiring from university teaching, he decided to start his own business.  Because of his interests in electronics and in working with people, he decided to found Witwright Institute, LLC in the Spring of 2004, naming the first division as The Consumer School of Integrated Home Electronics.  As a consumer advocate in the area of consumer electronics, Don's goal is to keep up with advances in the consumer electronics area and to provide consumers with an independent and up-to-date source of electronics knowledge prior to going shopping.  Hardware purchases are the focus of the business.  Software is covered on an as-needed basis. 


Besides his role as a consumer advocate, Dr. Hanson is a consultant in electronics hardware design and is a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in Minnesota. 





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    Donald F. Hanson, Ph. D.

ü     President, Witwright Institute, LLC

ü     Basic Training Instructor,

The Consumer School of

Integrated Home Electronics

ü     Consultant, Electronics Hardware Design

ü     Professional Engineer (PE), Licensed in MN

ü     Consumer Advocate, Consumer Electronics







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     The Consumer School of

     Integrated Home Electronics

a division of Witwright Institute, LLC




Basic Training


1.  Television and Digital Television; Antennas; Cable and Satellite Systems; Wireless

2.  Imaging and Display System Hardware

3.  Home Theatre, Audio, and Video Hardware

4.  Digital Media Servers, Computer Hardware, Peripherals, and Media Center PCs

5.  Electricity, Lighting, and Home Automation





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